Jahaira Hougen

Product Support & Analytics Manager

Jahaira Hougen is currently serving as an Analytics Manager at HUB Financial Services. Jahaira has honed her expertise throughout her career, predominantly within the financial industry, with a focus on Mortgage Loss Mitigation. She has a profound passion for delving into numbers, particularly immersing herself in extensive spreadsheet analyses.

Her journey started at Bank of America (BOA) as a Business Operations Manager. In this role, Jahaira spearheaded the development and implementation of loss mitigation policies and procedures within default groups. She adeptly managed daily functions, ensuring associates’ productivity aligned with loan modification process requirements. Jahaira excelled in balancing workflow, generating reports using BOA proprietary systems, Excel, and Access data tools.

Continuing her impactful career, Jahaira transitioned to Fairway Independent Mortgage as a Senior Data Reporting Analyst, where she assumed responsibility for creating and maintaining production reporting for the servicing department. She developed a tracking process and database for various servicing departments, ensuring compliance with state, federal, and investor guidelines. Her role involves reporting and analyzing metrics for investor reporting automation, updating daily trackers, and providing comprehensive reporting for interim servicing.

Jahaira is a graduate of the University of North Texas, where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Complemented by over 300 hours of professional management training, her outstanding knowledge in Excel, SQL, Access, Visual Basic, Visual C++, and Visio further enhances her capabilities.

Technologically adept, Jahaira is the go-to person for Excel, SQL, Access, Visual Basic, Visual C++, and Visio. Her outstanding knowledge in these tools serves as a testament to her dedication to leveraging technology for data-driven decision-making. In her personal life, Jahaira has been happily married for ten years and is a devoted parent to two-year-old boy/girl twins and a three-year-old daughter. Her dedication to analytics, coupled with her diverse experience and technical proficiency, makes Jahaira a standout professional in the field.