Our Team

  1. Scott Eckerty


  2. Philip Cornies

    Chief Financial Officer

  3. Chris Riley

    Chief Strategy Officer

  4. Leo Bracho

    Managing Director of Mortgage Services

  5. Barry Binder

    Executive Director of Client Experience

  6. Michelle Austin

    Chief Operating Officer, Miniter Group

  7. Wayne Brantley

    Chief Information Officer, Miniter Group

  8. LeeAnn Hollister

    Senior Vice President of Sales

  9. Mark Anderson

    Senior Vice President of Retail Strategies

  10. Keith Marvel

    Vice President of Sales

  11. Debra McManigle

    Senior Vice President

  12. Jeff Stuepfert

    Senior Vice President

  13. Don Brooks

    Senior Vice President

  14. Brett Walburn

    Senior Vice President & Director of Business Solutions

  15. Marc Chretien

    Vice President – Business Development

  16. John Hannegan

    Director of Auto Operations

  17. Jennifer Van Horn

    Director of Mortgage Program Management & Senior Compliance Officer

  18. Zachary Wolden

    Director of Mortgage Operations

  19. Andy Marrs

    Director of IT Operations

  20. Mary Vasquez

    Director of Client Communications & Initiatives

  21. Dottie Shepperd

    Director of Ancillary Products & Equipment

  22. Toni McLelland

    VP, Director of Process Efficiency & Quality Assurance

  23. Kim McNally

    Vice President of Tracking Operations, Miniter Group

  24. Crystal Appler

    Vice President & Senior Systems Analyst, Miniter Group

  25. Darla Decker

    Vice President of Underwriting, Miniter Group

  26. Liza Hastings

    Senior Account Manager

  27. Emily Carr-Stephens

    Compliance Manager

  28. Jahaira Hougen

    Product Support & Analytics Manager

  29. Angela Quintanilla

    Product Services Manager

  30. Marissa Maxwell 

    HR Manager

  31. Aaron Crow

    Communication & Design Manager

Investment & Risk Advisory

  1. Todd Taylor

    Managing Partner

  2. Sasha Antskaitis

    Managing Partner

  3. Omar Hinojosa

    Managing Partner

  4. John Ruhl


  5. Tom Evans


  6. Will Craycraft


  7. Mark Miller


  8. Brandon Bullock

    Portfolio Strategist

  9. Logan Kramer

    Investment Analyst

  10. Sean Wisdom

    System Analyst

  11. Emily Stevens 

    Executive Assistant

  12. Wes Taylor

    Financial Analyst

IT & Software Development

  1. David Bryant

    Software Development Engineer III

  2. Taylor White

    Software Development Engineer II

  3. Vince Betro

    Software Development Engineer

  4. Jesse Haver

    Software Developer

  5. Wesley Green

    Software Developer

  6. Charlie Wallace

    Software Developer

  7. Patsy Purcella

    Senior IT/Applications Administrator

  8. Aaron Brown

    IT Help Desk Technician