HUB Financial Services

Revenue Generation

Unlock your financial institution’s potential with our revenue generation services. Our subject matter experts specialize in designing value-based, compliant direct-marketed, loyalty, and affinity fee income programs to help you deliver exceptional value to your clients. By implementing these tailored solutions, you can foster lasting relationships, enhance customer loyalty, and drive revenue growth. Trust our expertise to create innovative revenue generation strategies that benefit both your institution and the clients you serve.


In the event of a theft or total loss, GAP protection provides valuable protection against a shortfall difference between what the vehicle is worth (primary insurance settlement) and the outstanding loan balance.

Equity Protection Program

The Equity Protection Program creates more loan opportunities and measurable growth for your home equity portfolio by increasing your LTV parameters and guidelines, thereby expanding the loan options for your borrowers.  Your risk of loan default is transferred; claims are paid for 100% of the outstanding balance, eliminating costly foreclosure and REO expenses which improves your balance sheet. As a result, lenders can reach their revenue goals and increase their customer base while reducing their loss reserves.

Program can be applied to the following loan types:

  • 100% HELOC
  • 100% Purchase Money
  • 100% Closed End
  • 133% Secured Home Improvement
  • Unsecured Home Improvement

There are no monthly minimums or implementation fees and no cost to the lender as premiums are passed through via the interest rate. The program allows the lender to decide usage within CLTV ranges, i.e., 80%-100%, 90%-100%, 80%-90%.

Direct Marketing AD&D

We can help you design a robust appreciation program aimed at connecting your consumers with leading insurance products – backed by proven marketing and driven by advanced analytics.

Checking Account Strategies

Increase the value around your checking accounts by adding unrivaled security, protection, and smart savings.

Programs benefits can include:

  • Cellular Telephone Protection
  • 3-in-1 credit file monitoring – providing daily monitoring and automated alerts of key changes to Equifax, Experian and TransUnion credit reports. Includes access to your credit score and 3-in-1 credit report
  • Credit score tracker
  • Total Identity Monitoring – monitoring over 1,000 non-credit databases where identity theft could be evident
  • Up to $1,000,000 identity fraud expense reimbursement coverage for expenses associated with clearing their name and repairing damaged credit should they fall victim to identity theft
  • ID theft recovery kit to aid in the restoration of identity
  • Telehealth Services – access to 24/7 health care providers
  • Financial Wellness 360 – financial wellness platform
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment
    Roadside Assistance
  • Rideshare Protection
  • Buyers protection and extended warranty
  • Toll-free access to a dedicated consumer fraud recovery specialist who can walk your customers through the process of reclaiming their identity
  • FCRA and FACTA certified recovery specialist
  • Online identity theft news center, and valuable phone and web resources to safeguard identity
  • Debit and credit card registration
  • Travel and Entertainment Discounts
  • Health discounts and savings
  • Cash back rewards

Lending Technology Platforms

We provide customized and white labeled web-based lending technology platforms that are designed around helping you make loans faster and more efficiently.

Improves loan operational efficiencies and reduces cycle times allowing lenders to close in days and minutes, enhancing the lending experience.

Loan types include consumer, personal loans, HELOC, home equity, unsecured home improvement loans, first residential mortgages, auto loans, commercial loans, and reverse mortgages.

Life & Disability

We can design and actively support a variety of programs that provide Credit Life and Credit Disability coverage to your borrowers. Programs are available for both consumer and real estate loans.

Vehicle Service Contracts

Provide your consumers the ability to purchase a Vehicle Service Contract that covers many unexpected vehicle repairs after the dealer or manufacturer warranty expires.

Involuntary Unemployment

Makes payments on your credit obligations when you have lost your full-time job through no fault of your own. Examples of “involuntary unemployment” include a layoff, general strike, involuntary termination of employment, unionized labor dispute or a lockout. What you’re buying is peace of mind for payments on your personal loan — and safekeeping of your credit rating.

Personal Lines – VIU by HUB

VIU by HUB is our personal lines embedded digital insurance platform. This allows you to provide personal lines insurance cross-sell opportunities within a digitized environment, with full integration, managed by VIU’s mobile APP. The digital platform can help you drive new adjacent revenue, enrich digital banking experiences, and deepen customer relationships.