Patsy Purcella

Senior IT/Applications Administrator

Introducing Patsy Purcella, a seasoned professional with 26 years of technical support experience, currently serving as the Senior IT Applications Administrator at HFS. Patsy’s journey with HUB Helpdesk began in 2012, where she consistently excelled, earning recognition as a top performer. In 2015, she transitioned to the HFS team, initially as an IT Applications Administrator, and later achieved the Senior Title in acknowledgment of her exceptional contributions.

Patsy brings a wealth of technical expertise from her prior roles, including positions with a government contractor supporting overseas employees and at SBC Telecommunications. Her extensive background has equipped her with a deep understanding of diverse technical landscapes.

One of Patsy’s significant contributions at HFS includes the creation and maintenance of Onboarding/Offboarding procedures, streamlining essential processes for the organization. She played a pivotal role in the development of the internal ticketing system, enhancing efficiency for HFS employees.

Committed to professional growth, Patsy holds multiple IT certifications, showcasing her dedication to staying at the forefront of technological advancements. Her educational background includes an Associate’s Degree in Electronics Engineering, providing her with a solid foundation for her technical pursuits.

Patsy Purcella is not only a technical expert but also a collaborative team player, consistently driving innovation and improvement within the IT domain. Her multifaceted skills and commitment to excellence make her an invaluable asset to the HFS team.