Barry Binder

Executive Director of Client Experience

Barry C. Binder is the Executive Director of Client Experience at HUB Financial Services. In this role he is responsible for the development and delivery of Client Experience strategies, including the promotion and articulation of CX competencies, strategic consultation with clients and staff to identify and address CX challenges, and the promotion of CX thought leadership for HUB Financial Services. In addition, he is responsible for the successful execution of account and relationship management for custom vehicular and real estate insurance risk management products, programs, and services.

Barry joined HUB in 1999, and has spent his entire career in the financial services industry, working and consulting both directly and indirectly with super-regional and regional banks, community-based financial institutions, and credit unions.

Barry received his BA from Illinois State University in 1996 and his MA from The University of Colorado in 2021. Barry resides in Colorado Springs, CO, where he pursues his passion for history and historical preservation, serving as a lecturer at the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs, presenting his research and publications at local and regional conferences, and having served as a Commissioner on the Historic Preservation Board of Colorado Springs and as a member of the Historic Preservation Alliance of Colorado Springs.