Outsourced Insurance Tracking

An outsourced insurance tracking program for mortgage and consumer loans, with its ever-evolving rules and regulations, demands expertise and attention to detail. Ensuring compliance, managing the insurance tracking process, borrower notifications, and lender force placement requires diligent oversight—and there’s no room for error.

In the realm of financial institutions, where the stakes are high and regulatory demands are stringent, the outsourcing of insurance tracking emerges as a strategic solution, offering myriad benefits to lenders. Outsourced Insurance Tracking delegates this crucial process to seasoned experts, providing lenders with a range of advantages.

Insurance tracking encompasses various tasks, including policy matching, data collection, escrow disbursements, and reporting, all executed with compliance in mind. HUB Financial Services’ proficiency in this domain extends to on-site assistance, ensuring a seamless transition and customizable solutions.

Benefits of an Outsourced Insurance Tracking program

Enhanced Risk Management

Outsourcing insurance tracking services allows lenders to transfer the associated risks and responsibilities to specialized providers like HUB Financial Services. Collaboratively, we develop tailored risk management strategies spanning your entire portfolio.

Optimized Resource Allocation

Managing hazard insurance tracking internally can drain valuable employee time. While seemingly routine, this task demands precision, often falling on higher-level staff members. Outsourcing liberates your workforce to focus on tasks aligning with their expertise, curbing overhead costs and mitigating the risk of oversights.

Comprehensive Compliance Measures

At HUB Financial Services, our priority is assisting lenders in adhering to CFPB Insurance Tracking Regulations, ensuring a compliant and comprehensive risk management framework. The landscape shifted significantly with the introduction of new insurance tracking regulations in January 2014, intensifying the challenges for lenders. Our solutions prioritize efficient, streamlined, and cost-effective risk management and document flow, alleviating the burden on financial institutions.